Quality policy

ZERBITZU ETA GESTIO MEKANIKO INTEGRALA SLU company located in Arrasate (Gipuzkoa) that offers a comprehensive service in the machining of parts to drawing.

In ZERBIMEK we seek a line of constant growth within the framework of the commitment to continuous improvement that provides the implementation of a Quality Management System based on the ISO 9001 Standard in force.

ZERBIMEK's Management focuses the Quality Management System and is committed to the continuous improvement of its effectiveness in order to achieve the satisfaction of its customers by complying with their requirements and with the legal and regulatory requirements established, in addition to those of the activity itself.

For all these reasons, the Management of ZERBIMEK bases its commitment to quality through the bases of its Quality Policy, which are developed below:

⇒ The correct development of the implementation of the Quality Management System and its improvement is everyone's responsibility and has the support and commitment of the Management.

⇒ Quality in service is developed as part of our expectations of economic growth.

⇒ The improvement in our service performance requires an improvement in resources, both human and material.

⇒ The achievement of customer satisfaction through the effective application of the Quality Management System, including processes for measuring satisfaction, immediate attention to complaints, prevention of non-conformities and quality indicators.

This quality policy is constantly evolving with the company, so it is reviewed for its continuous adaptation at least in the System Review by the Management; as well as the quality objectives, as this framework is considered the reference framework for establishing and reviewing these objectives.

ZERBIMEK's policy is the means to lead the organization towards the improvement of its performance, so it is displayed in a visible place for all personnel, is available to interested parties and is communicated each time it is revised so that it is understood at all levels.

Arrasate, 27 January 2020                   The Management: Alain Vivas