What types of machining does our service include?

At Zerbimek, we are experts in the machining of parts. Our machining service adapts to the needs of each of our clients, offering the best solution for the three main types of CNC machining of parts in all types of materials:

  • Aluminium machining
  • Stainless steel machining
  • Steel machining
  • Machining of technical plastics
  • Machining of all types of alloys

Prototype machining

At Zerbimek, we specialise in prototype machining. We understand the importance of materialising your design ideas into accurate and functional prototypes. Our team is committed to advising you when choosing materials or optimising the design to reduce machining times or possible incidents.
Machining of all types of alloys

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Unit part machining

We understand that some applications require unique and highly specialised parts. We also offer unit part machining with a meticulous focus on precision and quality. Whether it's a highly complex part or a single component, our team is ready to provide you with machining solutions that meet your most demanding expectations.

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Short series machining

For projects requiring short runs, we offer short-run machining services that combine quality and efficiency. Our flexibility allows us to adapt to your specific production needs, providing high quality parts in small quantities to meet your requirements.

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In other words, our CNC machining service adapts to the needs of each customer through each and every one of the phases that we can include, from the purchase of raw materials to machining, treatments and assemblies.