Our service can include several processes before and after CNC machining, such as the choice of materials, taking into account the working conditions of the machined parts, machining, possible treatments and other finishes and assembly if required by the customer. Technical advice is present in all the main phases mentioned before.

All this would not be possible without the human talent of the company's staff and the machinery of lathes and milling machines shown below.

Lagun L5AX-320

5-axis milling machine with 320 mm table.

  • Longitudinal travel (X) 450 mm
  • Transverse path (Y) 460 mm
  • Vertical travel (Z) 495 mm

Lagun 1600 milling machine

  • Longitudinal course (X) 1620 mm
  • Transverse course (Y) 700 mm
  • Vertical course (Z) 640 mm

Lathe CMZ TA-Z640

Lathe with turning diameter up to 460mm.

Distance between points 689mm.

Lagun 1000 milling machine

  • Longitudinal course (X) 1030 mm
  • Transverse course (Y) 530 mm
  • Vertical course (Z) 540 mm

Lagun 850 milling machine

  • Longitudinal course (X) 850 mm
  • Transverse course (Y) 500 mm
  • Vertical course (Z) 630 mm

Doosan Lynx 220L lathe

  • Lathe with turning diameter up to 290mm.
  • Distance between points 510mm.

Auxiliary machinery

Pneumatic tapping machine
Hydraulic tapping machine
Tangential grinding machine
Laser engraver