Enpresare Taldea

Collaboration between Enpresare & Zerbimek

Enpresare promotes collaboration between companies in Bergara and the surrounding areas. This is achieved through the implementation of various projects and business forums. In addition, the association works to recruit new companies, with the aim of expanding its network of members. It also collaborates with centres such as Miguel Altuna LHII, which indicates a focus on training and skills development. Finally, Enpresare has signed an agreement with Bergara Town Council demonstrating its commitment to growth and continuous improvement.

ZERBIMEK is part of this and other business associations, which actively work to create synergies with surrounding companies. These collaborations allow greater value to be provided to the end customer, as they make it possible to continue improving the quality of the machining service.

This business forum organises high-value events for companies in the region, a clear example being the latest event held at Miguel Altuna, where Gotzon Arzelus gave a training course on AI and how to integrate it into companies. Enpresare’s successful collaboration with Bergara town council was celebrated at the aforementioned centre, in addition to the recent renewal of the agreement. The event was attended by representatives of all the companies that make up Enpresare, including ZERBIMEK, plus representatives of Bergara Town Council and the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa.