Success case in collaboration with Automach Engineering

The 32nd edition of the BIEMH, the International Machine Tool Biennial, kicked off with a spectacular inauguration that fused traditional Basque culture with the most advanced technology.

At the event that opened the fair, attendees had the opportunity to witness a unique musical performance. Four robots, together with musicians, played the txalaparta, a traditional Basque instrument, in a demonstration of perfect synchronisation and collaboration. This performance was not only a delight for the senses, but also symbolised the union between technological development and traditional culture.

Behind this success is a multidisciplinary team of companies that have worked together to make this project a reality, one of them being Zerbimek. Automach Engineering led the initiative, with the collaboration of Zerbimek, Kuka, Sick and Siemens. Automach, known for its innovation in engineering and automation, was responsible for the coordination and commissioning of the robots, while Kuka, with its extensive experience in robotics, provided the robots. Siemens contributed with its PLC, programmable controllers that contributed to the automation of the process. Sick Sensor Intelligence added its sensor expertise for safety tuning, while Zerbimek provided our expertise in machining services to machine the structure and parts that brought all the components together.

The inaugural performance was not only a reflection of the technical and artistic ability of the participants, but also set the tone for the rest of the biennial. Such was the repercussion of the collaboration that the news has been highlighted by several media, such as: EITB, Gasteiz Hoy and Auto Revista.