Zerbimek ADEGI

“New culturers” day of ADEGI

Last week our team was invited to the “New culturers” day of ADEGI – Association of Companies of Gipuzkoa in FabrikaNCE.

In this fourth edition all the people who attended had the opportunity to learn about the new culture of the companies that were invited, more than 20 companies from different sectors.

For this macro event in which nearly 700 people gathered, the meeting place was the FabrikaNCE, ADEGI’s high performance center, where companies and educational organizations work and develop the new culture through the improvement of relationships, effectiveness, flexibility and adaptability.

Each company was able to present its particular case and show how the new culture helps the organization in its proper functioning, in terms of production and management, both administrative and talent.

In addition, the new culture also adds value when it comes to attracting and retaining talent, since being part of the project and taking an active part in decision making increases the motivation of workers, obtaining the best performance from people.

We would like to thank the attendees for their attention and time, and especially ADEGI for the invitation and the opportunity it has given us to make our company known to future generations who will soon be joining the working world.

Finally, we would also like to thank all the participating companies (Alkorta, GKN, Hre Automation, Grupo Wec, Zerbimek, Bellota, Cadinox, Egile, Plastigaur, Spanset, Marie Brizard, Irisbond, Salto Systems, Telesonic, VIVEBiotech, Zuchetti Software, Ameztoi, Comercial Hostelera, Frigolan, Okin) for the work done.

Zerbimek ADEGI