Presentación de aso práctico en Tknika

ZERBIMEK invited to the conference organised by Tknika and ADEGI.

Last Friday 27th May we were invited to the conference organised by Tknika and ADEGI – Business Association of Gipuzkoa.

This conference was defined under the following title:

“How VET (Tknika) can help you in the growth of your company?”

And what better than ZERBIMEK as a case study, given that our project began its journey with the help of Tknika’s Urratsbat programme.

The objectives of the conference were as follows:

1.- To get to know Tknika and its value proposition with a focus on companies.

2.- How can Tknika help emerging companies in the training of the talent they need?

3.- How can Tknika create collaborative projects for product and process innovations in companies? TKgune.

4.- Incorporate one or two testimonials from entrepreneurs who have used Tknika’s services.

It is in this last section where we have been most present, since, as mentioned above, our company had the opportunity to receive the advisory services of the Urratsbat programme.